About Us

Specialists in costs assessment and taxation

We are leaders in the field of legal costs, and our Principal Solicitor is regularly asked to teach lawyers on behalf of the Law Society and other organisations on legal costs issues, including costs disclosure, Security for Costs, compliance with relevant legislation, and avoiding legal costs disputes.


Why Choose Rose Legal Costing

Specialist Costs Lawyers

Our experts are regularly instructed to prepare expert reports on Security for Cost, allowance of costs, and appear in court as expert witnesses.

The trusted legal costs partner

We have received instructions to act in costs assessments and taxation from dozens of law firms from all types of legal disputes. These include multi party, multi-million dollar costs claims, to smaller disputes.

Extensive Costs Assessment experience

Benefit from our experience and expertise in assessments and taxation. Legal costs is an area of law that is easily misunderstood, and our expert knowledge can often lead to a swift solution without the need for considerable further expenditure.

Commercial pragmatism

Our team of expert Legal Costs Consultants will give early and effective estimates and views on prospects, enabling law firms and clients to make an informed decision on the next steps.

What Our Clients Say

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